After Covid-19 hit, Austramedex needed to shift to an eCommerce Website. The need to get PPE & face masks available nationally was a priority. Volcanic were able to build the sites and work to the tight deadline, getting the sites live in a matter of weeks.

Austramedex Company logo
Austramedex has been a trusted medical device manufacturer for nearly 40 years. Distributing to Australian healthcare professionals, they had invested in a good digital presence. With a strong sales team, the capabilities of an eCommerce Website had not been a priority.
But like most of the planet in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. No longer possible was the face-to-face sales and customer service they relied on. They needed to urgently adapt.


Services Provided

“…We have worked with Dave and the team of Volcanic for 15+ years on various projects… it all came up looking fantastic and on-budget. “

“We have worked with Dave and the team of Volcanic for 15+ years on various projects focussed on our unique products within the healthcare and cosmetic surgery industry. 

Even throughout the Victorian lockdowns the team were able to update our website, create an online shopping version with call to actions mail etc to make a safer way for our sales team to operate – not only that but as always it all came up looking fantastic and on-budget.

Basically, there are many reasons that Austramedex and Volcanic have worked together for so many years and we will continue for many more to come.”

Barry Lazarus

Managing Director

Building an eCommerce Website

An eCommerce Website has many “out-of-the-box” options. But most clients need customisation to meet their businesses needs. These can come from both the digital side as well as the management side. As eCommerce has a vast array of platforms, with both integration and customisation options, the budgets can vary greatly. So we use our experience to listen to the scope and match your budget to the appropriate solution.
In a matter of weeks we designed the solution for Austramedex. We provided Creative and eCommerce solutions on two fronts:
  1. A brand new product only website the customer is trained to manage internally.
  2. Upgrading the existing website with eCommerce solutions, directly working with the new website.

Finding the Right Solution

We prides ourselves on being able to guide our customers to the best solution for their budget. We assist them through the scope and manage timing. Not all customer’s need API integration, or the more advanced custom software development. But in a case like this, the Shopify platform was ideal. It enabled the customer to start selling and managing inventory within a matter of weeks. We were able to deliver this well under the typical budget for this scope and timing.

  • Design and Build new Shopify Website
  • Provide training to customer for in-house management
  • Major upgrade to existing website
  • Provide branding and strategy for updated and new product lines across the board

Make it Unique

As well as the creative design of the new website, the primary website also needed a refresh. This ensured brand consistency throughout.
Volcanic produced a myriad of creative assets to pull this project off. we created icon sets through to instructional illustrations. We worked with the customer to ensure the visual communication was clear.