Web Design

With so many businesses joining the online sphere, it is imperative to have a highly functional and visually appealing website to present to your customers.

How to create a website

It gets easier every day to create your own website. Follow our simple guide to make sure you cover the bases.

PNG… what the hell is a PNG?

CMYK, PMS & RGB gromo

PNG… what the hell is a PNG? Ping Pong… Penguin? .PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic, yeah maybe you don’t need to know that so much – but what is worth knowing is that a .PNG is your only friend in digital artwork when you need all of these boxes ticked: Smallest file size (Crucial […]

High-res? Low-res? Is this 12KB file ok?

Feature image Blog Post Why image resolution matters

High-res? Is this 12KB file ok? Resolution depends on scale & detail​ Uh no, that 12KB file needs to go in the bin. Like in the image above the Lit® logo is pixelated badly. This is likely logo file was too small and needed to be enlarged too much. It’s an all too common problem in the […]

Why you need a new website

Image of Computers showing Old Websites vs New

Your digital presence is an imperative part of your brand. We’re here to tell you why it might be time for a new website!