PNG… what the hell is a PNG?

CMYK, PMS & RGB gromo

PNG… what the hell is a PNG? Ping Pong… Penguin? .PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic, yeah maybe you don’t need to know that so much – but what is worth knowing is that a .PNG is your only friend in digital artwork when you need all of these boxes ticked: Smallest file size (Crucial […]

High-res? Low-res? Is this 12KB file ok?

Feature image Blog Post Why image resolution matters

High-res? Is this 12KB file ok? Resolution depends on scale & detail​ Uh no, that 12KB file needs to go in the bin. Like in the image above the Lit® logo is pixelated badly. This is likely logo file was too small and needed to be enlarged too much. It’s an all too common problem in the […]