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For this cheeky production company, Volcanic designs engaging marketing & advertising for their shows around the world. 

'Werk It' and 'Can't Face' Posters for Circus Trick Tease
CTT Company logo

Circus Trick Tease create internationally Award Winning Theatre, Circus and Comedy shows. Year after year they pump out vibrant, creative projects, each with their own personality.

Volcanic Creative is tasked with creating engaging marketing & advertising for each spectacular show, with our artwork cheeky and attention grabbing to reflect the shows.

The World’s festival circuit moves at a fast pace so we need to turn the campaigns around quickly, and ensure specifications from anywhere in the world can be met. 



Services Provided

“… They consistently create high quality products, and are a joy to work with… “

“Volcanic are my go-to for producing tailored, creative and innovative materials to support and promote my shows. Their personalised approach leads to brilliant artwork, customised services, enabling effective representation of my unique business. They consistently create high quality products, and are a joy to work with.”

Malia Walsh

Founder, Producer & Performer

Logo design for Hand 2 Hand Inscentive

Logo Design

Hand2Hand is an exciting incentive encouraging circus artists to the stage. Performers are given funds and guidance to produce their show. Those artists will then pass on their guidance and funds to the next artist, creating a continuous cycle. This concept formed the basis of our design, which captures the  continuous cycle in the joining of the hands. It was important to capture the correct position of the hands, the same as a circus performer’s hold.

'Children Are Stinky' Flyer for Circus Trick Tease

Engaging Marketing & Advertising

From Media Packs to billboards, we have worked with the CTT team to ensure that the personality of each show shines through. Never a dull moment, we have designed everything from paper planes to wall scrims.

Inside spread of 'Children are Stinky' media pack for Circus Trick Tease
'Brass Monkeys' Flyer for Circus Trick Tease
'Can't Face' Newspaper Advertisement Circus Trick Tease


The brief is always clear, go bold! As a creative company CTT always comes in with a clear vision, and we love bringing them to life. Working with shows around the world with different media groups, it is important our finished art is on point.

With sell-out shows and so many awards, we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of such an exciting brand.

'Werk It' Billboard signage for Circus Trick Tease