After an extensive rebrand, Volcanic was engaged to design an icon library, which has grown over the years as the company expands.

Dimple Company logo

Dimple is a vibrant and ambitious B2B health care business servicing the rapidly growing and evolving Aged Care Sector across Australia.

Previously Aged Foot Care, Volcanic provided support through the transition to the new brand, resulting in brand books, stationery, flyers and forms. Most notably Volcanic was tasked to design an icon library for Dimple, each icon unique but with consistency to hold the Dimple brand. 



Services Provided

“…Volcanic have the experience, knowledge and speed to deliver projects promptly and efficiently…”

“I’ve been working with Volcanic for over five years and they’ve been instrumental to our success. They’ve delivered design assets that have allowed us to stand out within our industry and have the experience, knowledge and speed to deliver projects promptly and efficiently.”

Jenny McConnell


Icon design for Dimple

Design an icon library

Dimple operates in many sectors of healthcare, and their icon library reflects that. We are constantly adding to the collection, following these rules for consistency:

  • Consistent line weight 
  • Identical colours across RGB and CMYK
  • Dimple’s iconic grin 
  • Rounded corners for a softer feel
Icon design for Dimple

Same But Different

With every logo and icon we create, Volcanic thinks about how and where they will be used. They need to look great when they are large, and small. They also need to work on light and dark backgrounds. 

Dimple requires 3 variations for each icon, which suits their needs. Volcanic provides these in a well named and structured folder for ease of use.