Brand Refresh, Redesign, or Rebrand?

So… your brand is outdated. Do you need a Brand Refresh, Redesign or Rebrand?

We all know that branding is crucial, however it can be difficult to keep your evolving company’s brand up to date with the latest design trends. An outdated brand can have a negative impact on your business, so it may be time to consider either a brand refresh, redesign or rebrand.

You see many successful companies change with time, adjusting their brands to the market, but what have they actually done? A refresh, a redesign, or a rebrand? These terms have a lot in common, however, they are also quite different if you look closer. Let’s explore their differences, and find out which one is right for you.

Brand Refresh

Maths Pathway logo refresh

A Brand Refresh is like giving your company a fresh lick of paint. The focus is on the appearance of your logo and marketing material, adjusting them according to the current trends. A brand refresh not only tells your audience that you’re modern and relevant, it also shows that you’re connected to your industry. Here are some examples of what a brand refresh may include:

  • Revamp your current design or logo
  • Freshen up your colours & font
  • Update your tagline
  • Update marketing material

As your business grows and changes, it’s important for your brand to reflect this. You don’t want to be left behind while your competitors embrace fresher logos, and better ways of communicating with the audience. If the brand is not completely outdated, companies often choose refreshing instead of completely rebranding. This way, they can preserve the integrity of the existing brand while making it more relevant and reaching to a wider audience.


You may feel your logo is too outdated to refresh, or no longer speaks to your audience. A brand redesign may be what you need, which involves a completely new logo but maintains the company name and its identity. A brand redesign often incorporates the following:

  • Redesign of new logo
  • New colour palette & fonts
  • Overhaul of all marketing material
  • Launch of new logo

There are many reasons for a brand redesign, here are the most common reasons we have found. Your brand is outdated. While brand recognition is important, an outdated logo may be holding you back. The business has changed. Sometimes your brand messaging no longer reflects your business accurately. A redesign can ensure your customers understand your business now. You are growing. If you’re expecting to see growth in your business towards the future, it’s a good idea to reassess your brand. A redesign will help you to focus on targeting the customers you want.


Launched in the 1930s as a wall cleaner, Kutol was originally designed to clean coal off walls left by heaters. When heaters switched to gas, Kutol rebranded to the beloved children’s craft Play-Doh.

Rebranding is a much more complex process that requires serious preparation. It goes beyond changing the design of your marketing & logo. Rebranding is intended to completely change the image of your business. It requires you to come up with a new brand story and philosophy. Typically this involves:

  • Creating a new personality
  • Designing a new background for your company
  • Establishing yourself within a different market
  • Overhauling your entire image

There are plenty of reasons why a brand might want to change their image. For instance, you might be looking for a way to appeal to a new market, expand your business scope, or set yourself apart from your competitors. Most of the time, businesses consider a rebranding strategy when the current identity is out-of-date, and a complete overhaul is needed. As the competition is growing, the brand needs to evolve too. You may have new services and products to market, and the current brand does not accomodate this. Often the reason may be a change in the audience, or a desire for a new audience. When old marketing methods aren’t working anymore, action needs to be taken.

Whether your rebranding strategy comes about because your current brand feels outdated or stale, or you feel that you’re unable to reflect the evolution of your organisation with your existing brand, a rebranding strategy requires a great deal of commitment and creativity. At Volcanic, we recognise the extra work that goes into a rebrand. Because the process is similar to creating a brand from scratch, a rebrand often means getting to the bottom of your organisation and finding out what makes it work.

If you would like to discuss what is best for your business, simply give us call to arrange a time to chat.