The brief was for a brand refresh while keeping their existing logo. Volcanic created new design elements that became part of their brand, reinforced throughout all communication.

Single page course guides for gotafe
gotafe Company logo

GOTAFE came to Volcanic with a problem and a tight deadline. They wanted a brand refresh, needing a more modern look for the TAFE. However, the logo needed to remain the same.

Volcanic worked round the clock to achieve what seemed impossible  for a large TAFE spread over 9 campuses. Our hard work paid off resulting in striking new collateral, including course guides, wayfinding signs, an Open Day campaign and stationery.



Services Provided
2020 Student Guide Cover for gotafe

A Brand Refresh

Volcanic started with the GOTAFE Course Guide. We created a range of concepts for the client to choose from. The bright gradient background had the right modern feel they were after. We then created the image treatment, overlay effects, and the block treatment. Together these strengthened the new creative direction. With a bag full of elements we were able to use these across the TAFE, creating a unified aesthetic.

2020 Student Guide spread for gotafe
gotafe course guide cover and spread
Open day flyers for gotafe

Open Day Campaign

We created a campaign using elements from the new creative direction. This extended across both print and digital media to promote the GOTAFE Open Day. A defining aspect of the brand was the image treatment, which we used throughout. We selected images that were aspirational and showed the diversity throughout the TAFE.

Open day social media tiles for gotafe
Van design for gotafe


From vehicle wraps to wayfinding signs, we created a range of signage solutions. Clear and simple, our designs reinforced the brand, ensuring a positive user experience. As GOTAFE has many campus’, well designed signage was essential for students and staff.

Plinth design for gotafe