Character development for Gromo and Friends, showing kids that there are no failures, just discoveries. 

Character design for 'Gromo & Friends' in the form of a poster design
maths Pathway Company logo
Maths Pathway supports teachers to deliver personalised learning to every student. This increasess growth and engagement in the classroom.
Maths Pathway engaged us to develop characters for their young audience. The result was a range of loveable characters and a logo identity. These were brought to life in the form of Children’s educational animations.


Services Provided

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“The team at Volcanic are not just excellent designers who deliver on time, to budget, while meeting or exceeding very high expectations. They are also true collaborators and trusted team members who offer their vast experience to every project we undertake.

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Dan Raica

Head of Marketing

character development and logo design for 'Gromo & Friends'

Logo and Character Development

Gromo and Friends aimed to teach students about Growth Mindset. In the set of animations, Gromo and his friends are learning all about mindset and the power of yet.
Maths Pathway established these characters as a part of the ‘Develop by Doing’ program. Their intended use is to feature in a series of 5 videos, each exploring a different concept. These animations formed an important aspect of the Maths Pathway strategy. Animations can captivate students and teach them very important lessons. This can benefit their attitude and performance at school.
The characters had to be friendly and inviting to appeal to a younger audience. Therefore, age was an important factor to consider in terms of their relatability. Above all, we had to build these characters in a way that would allow each part of their body to move. Their simple style, using colour and line to create depth, allow for a seamless transition into the series of animations.
Character development for gromo and friends
'Gromo' mug design incorporating logo design and Character development

Marketing collateral?

With the final characters, we created a range of promotional material. Maths Pathway used these items at tradeshows. These items included mugs, stickers and flyers.

Their aim was to inspire the younger audience to enjoy learning maths. This promotional merchandise allows the client to extend their brand into the hands of their target audience. 

Promotional stickers for Maths Pathway