Learn for good

Learn for Good engaged Volcanic for a new logo design. The result was a fun logomark and set of templates that they can adapt to work across all touchpoints.

Learn for Good brand identity asset sheet
Learn For Good Company logo
Learn for Good unpacks learning projects which impact communities in a positive way.
They approached us with a clear vision for their brand. Learn for Good had a desire to establish a logo design to match that enthusiasm.
More and more companies are filling the market with branding. These designs vary in their complexity and quality. As a result, new brands need to be both original and recognisable . This ensures their brand identity can support brand awareness and promotion.
We began with the fun, vibrant personality. From there we developed the brand identity through lively typography, colours and design elements. This created a dynamic brand aesthetic sure to leave a mark. 
We created both a brand mark and wordmark for this brand. These two components go hand in hand to allow flexibility across touchpoints.


Services Provided
Learn for Good social templates

Logo Design on Social Media

LFG required custom social tiles that they could edit and manage in house. As such we produced templates in Canva that we could hand over to the client.
Incorporating the shapes from the logo evoked a sense of playfulness and engagement.
Powerpoint Template design for Learn for Good incorporating new brand identity

Master Office 365 Templates

Did you know we offer master templates in your native software?
Companies are making presentations and documents for their clients and customers daily. As such, they must have the resources needed to develop their own on-brand collateral.
Thus we provided Learn for Good with a range of documents that are easy to use. Creating templates with flexible layouts to suit a range of content was paramount. These templates help build brand recognition, boost sales and increase brand loyalty.
Letterhead design for Learn for Good