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Volcanic created a detailed illustration for Maths Pathway’s Learning Model. This illustration has strengthened the brand, by providing a solution to explain their unique product to their customers.

Classroom illustration for Maths Pathway featured in their impact report
maths Pathway Company logo
Maths Pathway supports teachers to deliver personalised learning to every student. This increases growth and engagement in the classroom.
Volcanic worked with Maths Pathway to deliver their brand refresh and Impact Report. As well as this, we developed a detailed illustration of their Learning Model. These have been successful with the company and customers alike. The learning model’s flexible design allows elements to be used in other collateral.


Services Provided

“… The team at Volcanic are not just excellent designers … I’d talk to them if you want a true design partner…. “

“The team at Volcanic are not just excellent designers who deliver on time, to budget, while meeting or exceeding very high expectations. They are also true collaborators and trusted team members who offer their vast experience to every project we undertake.

I’d highly recommend you talk to them if you want more than just a fly-in fly-out freelance. I’d talk to them if you want a true design partner.”

Dan Raica

Head of Marketing

Maths Pathway logo refresh

Brand Refresh

We teamed up with Maths Pathway on their brand refresh. We gave their logo a revamp by revisiting their colour palette. This now forms an important part of their design system. The result was a more modern and engaging approach to the brand’s design thinking and the new visual assets.

Business cards for Math Pathway
Classroom illustration for Maths Pathway

Custom Illustration

Maths Pathway engaged us to illustrate their Learning Model in a visual way. As the expression goes, ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. This became the brief for the Learning Model; to express their unique product in a way that customers could understand.
Volcanic worked with the Maths Pathway to produce illustrations for the eight components. These displayed how the teacher and students work together and independently. Laptops, workbooks, pens and dice were important elements to assist explaining the components.
Maths Pathway were delighted with the results. They finally had a solution to their problem, a visual representation of what sets them apart.
Flyer design for Maths Pathway
2019 and 2020 Impact Report covers for Maths Pathway

Impact Report

The impact report is Maths Pathway’s version of an annual report. We have worked on this project for the last few years. The brand style gave us a lot of opportunities for illustration and infographics. Taking inspiration from the Learning Model, the reports were informative in a fun and digestible way.
2020 Impact Report spreads for Maths Pathway
Impact Report Spreads for Maths Pathway
Google ads for Maths Pathway

Sub brands

After establishing the Maths Pathway brand, we created a range of sub brand marks. These include the ‘Early Insights’ which we later created google ads for (pictured above), and ‘Develop by Doing’.