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Volcanic provided Moore Stephens with an extensive set of brand guidelines to ensure all internal and external collateral was consistent. 

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Moore Stephens are a recognised expert in auditing, accounting, tax and business services.
Being a sizeable organisation, they have an extensive set of collateral. This included marketing documents as well as internal and external communications. As such, Moore Stephens engaged us to design brand guidelines.


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Brand Guidelines

A project like this requires a lot of thought and a thorough understanding of the business.
Having brand guidelines ensures consistency on every level. They serve as a reference for people to consult before developing collateral. They ensure you maintain the integrity of your brand for increased recognition.
Increasing brand recognition makes for a more credible business within your industry. This also instills customers with a sense of trust and loyalty to your brand. Both of these things drive sales.
For Moore Stephens, this document provides an in-depth breakdown of all the aspects of their brand. Not only do they detail the brand look and feel, but they also outline strict rules for every piece of collateral. This makes for one all-encompassing business asset. Moore Stephens can share this document with all internal and external stakeholders.
Additional to the guidelines, we also created smart templates for all collateral. These allow them to control their brand collateral across all touchpoints.
The final document was submitted to the client in both printed and digital forms. This allows for ease of distribution to all relevant stakeholders.
We are here for all your branding needs, from logos to style guides. If you do not need an extensive set of guidelines, we also offer more condensed solutions. Get in touch with us so we can find the right solution for you.
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