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Volcanic supported the Inenco Group in their Corporate Rebrand to Motion. We began with the design of a clear brand guideline. Then we were then able to rollout consistent collateral.

Corporate stationery for Motion Asia Pacific
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Motion Asia pacific with tagline logo lockup
After The Inenco Group was acquired by GPC, they made a decision to rebrand as ‘Motion Asia Pacific’. This decision follows the direction of their North American counterparts ‘Motion’.
Being a parent company, the Inenco brand was largely unknown to the customer base. Rebranding to an existing identity in Motion ensures a solid foundation. They are now able to deliver the full service offering their customers are looking for.


Services Provided

“… As I’ve said before, when something needs to be on point, I want it handled by Volcanic… “

“Dave, thanks to you and the Volcanic team for all your hard work and support. It’s brilliant to finally launch the Motion Asia Pacific brand to the world. You’ve walked beside us the whole way, helping manage the mountain of tasks we had to create for the launch.

Feels like so long ago now, those early days with multiple mock-ups and discussions with the Executive Leadership Team! So good to finally have a safely secured brand and marketing library in the Motion cloud ensuring the teams can easily access, keep things professional and consistent!

It really would have been hard to conceive still launching on time had we known the madness COVID-19 would bring half way through the project, but we did it! A true team effort that again shows Volcanic put as much into your customer relationships as you do with your work.

As I’ve said before, when something needs to be on point, I want it handled by Volcanic.”

Naz Paine

General Manager - Marketing | Category | Customer Support

Product category collage for Motion Asia Pacific

The Challenge

To establish a brand identity for the Asia Pacific arm of Motion. This identity encompasses the success and strong brand equity of Motion. Not only must it work as a stand-alone brand. It also needs to work in a cobrand capacity with established operating businesses. These include CBC, BSC, WebsterBSC, SAECOWilson, Hardy Spicer and many more.
Motion Indutries Logo
Motion Asia pacific with tagline logo lockup
This corporate rebrand we set out to keep the most recognisable elements of the Motion brand. This decision ensures they can capitalise on the strength of the existing Mi brand.

The Solution: Corporate Rebrand

Over an 8 month period, we worked with the team to complete their corporate rebrand. After establishing this we worked on establishing the remaining collateral.
The colours in the logo opened up a colour palette for designing the visual language of the brand. We used these colours to create accent shapes across the library of visuals. This establishes a consistent brand across all touchpoints, including their signage.
We provided the client with a brand guideline that contributes to building identity. This ensures the brand does not become ambiguous or muddied in the marketplace. The brand guidelines provide a strong reference to be consulted before developing collateral. This was important due to the size of the company and the number of people working on the visual collateral. 

Corporate Signage

Motion Asia Pacific has over 150 branches globally. As such, the signage needed to be flexible enough to be adapted to all building shapes and sizes. This notion extends across all signage from exterior to interior. We achieved this through a minimal colour palette and the of the angle of the Mi to create shape accents.
As there are so many existing businesses, we completed the rebrand in stages. We developed a “powered by” logo for the companies with existing shopfronts. This allowed a fast, low-cost way of introducing the new parent branding. 

Corporate Stationery

We ensured the motion brand presence was strong across all communications. From corporate stationery to presentations, we conveyed their long-term investment in the company. 

Digital Corporate Rebrand

Motion APAC customers interact with a brand in many ways across a variety of platforms. In today’s market, there is a strong expectation that all touchpoints are consistent. This meant the consistent use of the visual elements synonymous with their brand.