Keystone is a software company providing SaaS solutions for the Fitness & Health Management industries. Volcanic was part of the foundation team assisting from the ground up.

Their software suite provides Communications & Accountability tools to maximise results across managing Nutrition, Training, Wellbeing and goal Progress.

Embedded with the Dev team from concept to design & development, each release of prototyping was done in rapid iterative design cycles.

Volcanic provided all creative direction, graphic design across all digital as well as marketing platforms and media. Key services included:

  • Development of company name, why and corporate identity.
  • Multiple sub-brands &¬†products
  • All graphic and digital design including UI & UX across multiple desktop (browser based) and mobile software products (iOS + Android + browser based) in the launch suite.
  • A custom suite of over 300 icons

Health & Fitness

Service Provided
App Design
Branding Strategy & Workshop
Corporate Identity & Logo Development
Digital Design
Graphic Design
Product Design
Video Production
Video Tutorials
Website Design