seal innovations

As an Industry leader, Volcanic ensures their brand stands out. Most recently we have created icons, email marketing, catalogues & brochure designs.

Brochure Covers for Seal Innovations
SIL Company logo
Seal Innovations offer the largest choice of seals in the industry. The one-stop shop for products, service and support. They are Industry leaders in both New Zealand and Australia. Volcanic are proud to be their go-to designers.
Volcanic recently updated the Seal brand, providing logo assets and brand guidelines. Next we developed icons for the 4 pillars of the business. The design mirrors the new Seal logo. We have created flyers, banners, brochure designs and advertising for Seal, in both digital and print. 


Services Provided

“… I have worked with the Volcanic team for over 10 years. In that time Volcanic quickly became an extension of our marketing team…”

I have worked with the Volcanic team for over 10 years. In that time Volcanic quickly became an extension of our marketing team. They know our business and have developed our brands across print and digital campaigns. Always great to work with, combined with the ability to get the job done on time. 

Lynette Rodgers

Marketing Comms Leader

The 4 Pillars Icons

Seal engaged Volcanic to design icons to represent the 4 pillars of their business. The challenge was keeping them simple while containing a lot of detail. The icons also needed to reflect the logo. The solution was clean and minimal design. We were consistent with line weights and used only one colour. We created separate versions for dark and light backgrounds. 

Brochure Spreads for Seal Innovations

Catalogue & Brochure Design

Volcanic has worked with Seal Innovations for over a decade. In that time we have produced many catalogues & brochures designs . We enjoy every challenge they throw us. From designing tables to fit loads of content, to sourcing the right industry images. From 250 page catalogues to 4 page brochures, we produce quality work, remaining on budget and on time. We are proud to see the strength of this brand through consistent branding.

Tradeshow banners for Seal Innovations

Signage & Banners

Volcanic creates signage that stands out, even on a busy exhibition floor. We know before we start designing to understand where the signage will appear. Then we can design for the greatest readability. It is critical to transfer as much information in the brief moment the customer passes by.